Most homes have their pools prepared for the summer. If your home does not have an inground pool, installing an above ground pool in your backyard would be easy especially with the help of Above Ground Pools Bakersfield. But how exactly does this happen?

Now that you have decided to finally build a pool, you are probably wondering who to contact to build the swimming pool of your dreams. Choosing the perfect pool contractor is the toughest part of the process, but lucky for you, here at Pool Builders Bakersfield, we get the job done!

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Above Ground Pools Bakersfield start the installation job with a survey of your yard. The team would check if your yard has enough space for an above ground pool. Apart from this, the land quality around the yard would also be checked if it is solid to avoid sinking or damages on the patch of land where your above ground pool would be installed. Above Ground Pools Bakersfield also expects the homeowner to communicate with the homeowners’ association whether it is acceptable to have an above ground pool installed in the neighborhood. Once all these are cleared, the team would start with the installation process.


After having surveyed the space in your yard, Above Ground Pools Bakersfield would then show you a variety of choices of above ground pools in different sizes (that fits your yard) and prices. After you have chosen your own above ground pool, the installation would not last a long time. The above ground pool kit would be delivered and our team would assist you in putting them where you desire. 

Above ground pools come in different shapes and sizes. The most popular shape would be the round pool. Oval pools also exist however, it is more expensive to install than a round pool because of its size. Rectangular pools are also available. Each type of pool has their own kit. Installing the pool by yourself would be great however, it may cause a great deal of stress since some pools would take time to install if not done professionally. Above Ground Pools Bakersfield has a team of experts that would help you install your pool in no time. With this, summer would just get a whole lot better for your whole family!


A common misconception about above ground pools is that they are temporary pools like an inflatable pool. It is not entirely true since above ground pools can remain in your yard for quite some time. The only difference with inground and above ground pools is that the latter can be portable. If you plan to remove your above ground pool after summer, that would not be a problem and it can be reinstalled for the summer on the next year. However, if you plan to keep it as it is the whole year round, it is best to choose above ground pools that are sturdy enough to withstand the weather of another season. Make sure that the pool always has water to retain its shape. The water in the pool does not need to be swapped often. It is safe to use chlorine to keep the water clean or to have a pool pump installed to keep the water clear and circulating.


Above Ground Pools Bakersfield will help you out of the hassle of installing an above ground pool. Contact us today and our team will surely assist you in every way to get you started on the best summer ever. Install an above ground pool with us! Above Ground Pools Bakersfield is just a call away.

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