A home with an inground pool is a beauty to any homeowner. The joy of hearing laughter and happiness from the poolside plus the bonus of family bonding like no other. If you want to install an inground pool for your home, Inground Pool Bakersfield has all the right stuff for you. There are many types of inground pools out there and Inground Pool Bakersfield can present all of them but that would take forever. For the meantime, here are some of the inground pool types that are popular among homeowners across the country.

Now that you have decided to finally build a pool, you are probably wondering who to contact to build the swimming pool of your dreams. Choosing the perfect pool contractor is the toughest part of the process, but lucky for you, here at Pool Builders Bakersfield, we get the job done!

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Vinyl liner pools are the one of the cheapest pools you can have installed at your home. It is also easy to install in a way that you can do it by yourself. Vinyl liner pools are also durable which makes this type of pool the most cost effective among the choices you have. However, it is not guaranteed whether the pool would have a longer life. As it is still vinyl, it can suffer a great deal of damage when roughly used. It still depends on the homeowner whether their pool would last long especially if the maintenance is not constant. Vinyl liner pools easily grow algae which makes it a little troublesome to clean. Inground Pool Bakersfield can help with the pool maintenance and even changing the vinyl liner when the need to change comes.


As the name implies, these pools are made out of concrete. This is one of the most expensive pools in the market and the reason alone is because of the materials used to make it. You would need cement to make this and other materials such as steel to be used as a frame for the concrete to form a pool. Given that experts use cement, it is easy to design the pool from this. On the other hand, cement takes time to dry.


This type of pool is the most popular inground pool that homeowners choose to have installed in their homes. Fiberglass pools in Bakersfield are the most installed in the area by Inground Pool Bakersfield. This type of pool is the goldilocks pool. It is not too cheap and not too expensive. It lasts long and is very durable like a concrete pool and is not too difficult to install like a vinyl liner pool. It takes more or less than 2 to 4 weeks to install a fiberglass pool. Inground Pool Bakersfield goes to your home, checks the vicinity and begins to measure the area where the pool will be installed. Once the checking is done, all materials will be put together in the warehouse to be brought and installed to your home afterwards. Expect the installation to be a bit messy since our team would definitely excavate the area where the fiberglass inground pool mold will be installed. But once everything is finished, you will have a pool that lasts long, easy to maintain and a reliable one that will surely make summers a fun time for the family.


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