We convey great Pool Cleaning and Repair Bakersfield, predominantly in all corners of Bakersfield.

We convey great Pool Cleaning and Repair Bakersfield, predominantly in all corners of Bakersfield.


  • We convey great Pool Cleaning and Repair Bakersfield, predominantly in all corners of Bakersfield. 

    Our pool support administrations and pool fix administrations incorporate pool cleaning administration and on location upkeep that will be done whenever the day depends on your solicitation at serious rates. 

    Our pool upkeep administrations and pool fix benefits are constantly done by pool fix master who will take on the fix works and support of pools including water spillage recognition, pool hardware fix or substitution, tiling fixes, and pool restorations. 

You have your floaties and goggles ready, and your great, big, swimming pool is calling your name on a warm summer day. You can just jump right in there without having to worry about any bacteria in the water right? Well, the answer depends on your pool maintenance. 

Even if you weren’t a Scout as a child, you know that stagnant water can be home to bacteria and algae infestation which can cause various illnesses. That is why pool cleaning and repair Bakersfield is easy with Pool Builders Bakersfield. We offer the best and proper pool maintenance. 

Ideally, your pool pump and filter should run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, that’s not feasible for some people’s budget and equipment. We recommend that you run your filter for at least 10 hours a day, that will help turn your water and keep it clean and safe to use.

If that option is still not feasible for you, our services guarantee that your pool will be clean and ready to go in no time. We offer routine care and maintenance so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Here’s what we can do:

  1. Taking Out Debris and Cleaning Strainer Baskets. Skimming out debris and cleaning the baskets is the fastest way to keep your pool clean because you remove possible contaminants like leaves and bugs before they leach out unwanted contaminants into the water.

  2. Vacuum and Brush Pool Floors and Walls. Brushing the pool floor and walls will get rid of any algae build-up while vacuuming will help remove the smallest debris all in one go. 

  3. Clean the Pool Filter. Whether it’s a cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth type of filter, we got it covered. 

  4. Pool Heater Maintenance. Although this feature requires the least amount of maintenance, calcium scales can still build-up inside the tubes of your heater and restricts the flow of water thus leading to damage over time. 

  5. Maintain Water and Chemistry Levels and Superchlorinate. Letting your water levels get below the recommended amount will result in potential damage to your pump. Pool water must also be tested regularly to make sure that it is clean and healthy, a good pool must maintain a pH balance between 7.2 and 7.8. Organic contaminants like bitrate and ammonia can also build up in your pool which gives it the super-strong smell pools are known for. Supercholrinating will “shock” the pool back to normal chlorine levels. 

  6. Find and Repair Leaks. A professional is needed when patching up pool leaks because you might not get every hole covered or use the wrong materials thus causing more damage to your pool.

  7. Prep Your Pool for Winter or for Swimming Season. Depending on where you live, leaving your pool unprotected in the cold temperatures can end up “freezing” your pipes causing damage. You have to disconnect every pipe and then come swimming season, reconnect it again and clean out your pool. 

If this just sounds too tedious for you, then this is your cue to give us a call now. Now that finding people to do pool cleaning and repair Bakersfield, get in touch with Pool Builders Bakersfield today because we make it our priority to provide the best pool service in your area. 

There are Various Services that We Provide To clean your Pool, some of them are:

Pool Chemicals

There are five essential pool synthetics in like manner use. These are, chlorine, used to eliminate microscopic organisms, algaecide to forestall plant spores from turning your water green, PH+ for expanding, the alkalinity of your water, and PH-for diminishing it. The last compound utilized is a woolly whose object is to draw in particles all together that they structure into clusters sufficiently enormous to be taken out by the channels. In genuine terms messing with the alkalinity or acidity of the water is truly not needed in many territories of Spain as it sits pretty much where it ought to be for more often than not. Flocculates are utilized on an inconsistent premise and just whenever required.


We specialize in keeping a keen eye to manage the PH level of your pool water. Fundamentally, you keep up this between 7.2 – 7.6. On the off chance that you are out by just a little, the effectiveness of your chlorine can drop by 90 percent permitting the disease to grab hold in your pool. It's a basic activity and no explanation exists for being not able to do it.

Salt Water Chlorination

This is a strategy for creating chlorine from salt which is added to the pool in extensive amounts. It requires master gear which isn't modest yet creates delicate, clean water. This framework does anyway keep water extremely perfect and ear diseases, so regular among youngsters holidaying in Spain and utilizing pools infrequently happen.

Discharging And Rinsing Filters

To make your pool clean we continually discharge your pool channel. Following two or three weeks or thereabouts, sand channels become obstructed with the different things they have eliminated from the water. This incorporates dead skin cells, hair, oil, creepy crawlies, residue, and whatever else which has fallen into the pool and been gotten by either the skimmer or crawler.

Significant – Algae Control

One of the greatest and least comprehended issues introducing pool proprietors is green growth. If uncontrolled, you can go from shimmering water to pea soup practically for the time being.

Green growth is little plants that sprout and develop in pools if supplements are available and an adequate degree of free chlorine isn't kept up. The following are portrayals of the three most normal green growth issues in pools.

Green Algae The most well-known green growth in pool coasts in water and covers pool surfaces. Left unchecked green growth will rapidly turn the pool water pea green.

So contact us today and get the best Pool Cleaning and Repair Bakersfield, with us.

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